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Wood Ingenuity Keeps Legacy of 150-year-old Tree Alive

October 2nd, 2016

By Hannah Combs (for Star Democrat, Bay Times and Record Observer), QUEEN ANNE — In 2013, a large White Oak went down during a storm on the farm of Jim Boyle, a farmer in Queen Anne’s County for over 50 years. Jim Boyle’s belief in not wasting led him to look for someone to cut the tree to use for the sides of a barn.

Boyle’s story became one of frustration from that point, when he found there were not any sawmills in the area with a saw big enough to cut the tree from its original state. Boyle proceeded to cut the tree in half himself and took it to a local sawyer where the tree broke the saw. Boyle proceeded to cut the tree again, so that the tree was now in quarters, and after counting the time and expense spent on trying to prevent a good tree from going to waste Boyle realized it didn’t add up…

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