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Wood Ingenuity is a full service sawmill specializing in live edge slabs.  Located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we cut large reclaimed trees up to 67″ in diameter.  We turn fallen, damaged or dead trees that would otherwise go to landfills or become mulch, into valuable lumber to be used in our shop and the shops of other woodworkers…

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Our Story



In 2013, a large White Oak went down during a storm on the farm of Jim Boyle, a farmer in Queen Anne’s County for over 50 years. Jim’s belief in not wasting, led him to look for someone to cut the tree to use for the sides of a barn. Read More…




Our Services Include:

  • Custom Milling
  • Kiln Drying
  • Planing, Hauling/Handling
  • Storing
  • Custom Finishing
  • Installations

Our Products Include:

Live Edge Slabs, Decoy Blanks, Remnant Lumber, Sawdust

Wood Ingenuity is a full service sawmill specializing in live edge slabs.

Sawmill News

The Camp Wright Tree

The “Camp Wright Tree” is an impressive red oak that stood on the beautiful 140 acre Kent Island property “Camp Wright” for over 100 years. Undoubtedly it saw many generations of campers, including Ten...

The Felling of St. Paul’s Great Oak

At 7:40 a.m. on the morning of December 9, 2015, the sound of the first firing up of a chain saw was heard around the parking lot of St. Paul’s Parish, Kent. It...

Red Oak Reclaimed

The mammoth Red Oak, a landmark on Romancoke Road, that fell during the tornado that hit Bay City in July is being reclaimed by Wood Ingenuity of Queen Anne. Wood Ingenuity is looking to...

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